] melissa barron
artist living in chicago - vintage apple computer enthusiast

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email me: hello [at] melissabarron.net

] projects

apple 2 computer sketches and watercolors [2021-present]

apple 2 computer paintings [2017-present]

paintings of apple 2 computers and peripherals

historical embroidery samplers (remixed) [2013 - present]

needlework samplers remixed

needlework samplers and embroideries [2011 - present]

various subjects

apple 2 inspired screenprints [2016]

Drift collaboration [2012]

screenprinted floppy disks sleeves and text screens for Drift music disk

glitched jacquard weavings [2010]

woven on a TC-1 jacquard loom

jacquard weavings [2010]

woven on a TC-1 jacquard loom

mecc glitch series [2010]

game modification

screenprints - glitch 0r3g0n 7r41L [2009]

screenprints based off of emulator screencaptures

screenprints - 73H 0r3g0n 7r41L [2009]

prints based off of emulator screencaptures

h65x fi65nd [2009]

software modification

73H 0r3g0n 7r41L [2009]

game modification

] events/shows

] jul 17-jul 22, 2018. KansasFest 2018.
] jul 18-jul 23, 2017. KansasFest 2017.
] jul 19-jul 24, 2016. KansasFest 2016.
]mar 23-apr 23, 2016. historical embroidery sampler (remixed) will be apart of the 1st annual art department alumni exhibition at anoka ramsey community college in coon rapids, mn.
] jul 14-jul 19, 2015. KansasFest 2015.
] nov 7-21, 2014. untitled [screencaptures] will be apart of MESSAGE (NOT) RECEIVED - accident // intervention // provocation // glitch at UT Dallas in texas.
} aug 1-sept 28, 2014. untitled [screencaptures] and the remixed historical samplers will be apart of glitChicago at UIMA in chicago, il.
] jun 8-jul 28, 2013. untitled [screencaptures] will be a part of glitch moment/ums curated by rosa menkman & furtherfield in london, uk.
] jun 15, 2013. "melissa haz diez" will be a part of the oh internetz! screening at a glitch festival at RUA RED in Dublin, Ireland.
] jul 23-28, 2013. kansasfest 2013! (yearly apple 2 conference).
] apr 12-15, 2012. i will be a part of a dirty new media glitch/artware dungeon environment at notacon 9 in cleveland, ohio.
] apr 2012. i was interviewed for mathias jansson's book "insert art to play interviews and essays about game art".
] nov 11-12, 2011. gli.tc/h/ in amsterdam.
] nov 3-6, 2011. gli.tc/h/ in chicago, il.
] nov 2011. I was interviewed on the open apple podcast.
] sep 14-22, 2011. i will be participating in the panel (he)artbreaking to the core at ISEA 2011 in istanbul, turkey.
] jul 19-24, 2011. kansasfest 2011. yearly apple ][ conference! i'll be showing off my apple 2 weavings at the vendor fair/exhibit hall in kansas city, mo.
] jun 23-25, 2011. a collaboration between Jeff Donaldson and I will be shown at bent festival in brooklyn, ny.
] jun 2011. I wrote an article for Juiced.GS about my hacked version of the The Oregon Trail.
] feb 25-mar 14, 2011. object relations. An online exhibition curated by extv and the flaxman library at saic in chicago, il.
] oct 30-nov 20, 2010. fall undergraduate exhibition at saic, featuring my jacquard weavings and video in chicago, il.
] sep 29-oct 3, 2010. gli.tc/h/ in chicago, il.
] jul 20-25, 2010. i'll be giving a session about 73H 0R360N 7R41L at kansasfest 2010. kansasfest is a yearly apple ][ conference for apple ][ enthusiasts in kansas city, mo.
] apr 15-18, 2010. i'll be presenting 73H 0R360N 7R41L at notacon 7 in cleveland, ohio.
] mar 2009. my photographs will be a part of the juried alumni photography exhibition "from here to there".
] aug 2008. minnesota state fair fine arts exhibition. juried exhibition for residents of minnesota.
] may 2008. AllForArts show. juried exhibition for graduating students curated by the blaine arts council.
] aug 2007. minnesota state fair fine arts exhibition. juried exhibition for residents of minnesota.